Respect for the environment and local traditions

Mastrodomenico Vineyards are the result of the commitment to high quality management of organic vineyards in Vulture area, in the heart of Basilicata.
Along the ideal path of the Wine Routes, the company marks a major milestone by defining the area of production around Rapolla, in the Acquarossa district, where the vineyards are located. A well-marked terroir that characterizes a strong identity production.
Over time the need and awareness of making wine with what was cultivated with care and devotion arose. Our first label, Likos, represents all the determination required for the creation of artisanal and quality wines. Likos is soon after accompanied by other lines of wines: Mòs, an IGT Basilicata; Shekàr, passito of Aglianico and Fonte del Ceraso, rosé from the same grape variety. A slow, constant, even courageous choice, carried on combining respect for the environment and local traditions.


Our Wines

  • Likos
  • Mòs
  • Likos Première
  • Fonte del Ceraso
  • Shekàr


The territory

Our cellars are entirely dug into the volcanic tuff and they are located in Barile, a small town on the eastern slopes of Mount Vulture, in Basilicata. They are located along the ancient road network, from the Via Herculia to the Regi Cammini (Royal Paths), up to the national road that once connected Contursi to Barletta. Furthermore, Barile is part of important Italian Associations, having been recognized as City of Wine and City of Oil.


Beautiful landscape

Visual narration of a breathtaking landscape surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, where a small lake reflects the rain that slowly falls from the sky. Meanwhile, in the cellar, we produce Aglianico del Vulture.


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